Sex And Communication

Relationships always need a bit of a jump start at some point, but the trouble is that it is not always easy to bring up the subject without either freaking out your partner or making them feel inadequate. The best way to go about this is to communicate but in this case, you may need to start by dropping subtle hints. This can also help you gauge their openness to sexual adventure.

Try finding an article that talks about the benefits of sex toys or whatever adventure you may want to introduce them to. Ask their opinion on such an article, which will open the way for a general conversation on the subject without explicitly bringing out the fact that you are interested in trying that out. This may let you know if the possibility is completely out, or how much more work you are going to have to put in to get your partner to try it.

You can also innocently ask to take a tour of a sex shop; tell them it is just out of curiosity and you would not want to go there alone. Taking a tour of such a shop may just get them to take an equal interest in trying out some of the toys you may find there. You can drop another hint stating that you wouldn’t mind trying one or two of the toys there. You obviously will have to start small with simple toys such as vibrating massage devices. Using a vibrating massage device may seem innocent and it is much easier to playfully integrate it into your foreplay. With time it can become more common and open up the way for other toys.

Do not jump to introduce ideas or toys that only serve for your enjoyment. Find toys that you can enjoy together so that it is fun for the both of you. This way the other person does not take it that they are sexually inadequate, which is why you would like to use toys.

If you have another couple with whom you both speak openly about sex with, you could bring it up just as a subject of conversation and see what your partner’s take on the subject is, since this may set the stage for the two of you talking about it some more when you are alone.

It is important not to be pushy about the subject and to wait for the right setting to bring it up. Once it is out there on the table, it is best to let them know that it is just a suggestion you would not mind trying and that it may benefit the both of you.

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